Thursday, May 28, 2009

Edits and Contracts

Well, it's official. I've been told the contract package for Crimson Moon will soon be in the mail and on the way. (Read - YAY!!) It's an exciting time but also a stressful one.

I went back to Crimson Moon after a month off (with fresh eyes) and dear lord am I ashamed. There are grammatical errors galore. I've spent the last seventy-two hours editing and trimming away unnecessary descriptions or wording. I also had to change a couple of small things (making the heroine older, reworking for continuity).

I'm sure there are other errors I've missed but I plan on waiting at least a week before I go back for another proof. I was warned I would eventually detest my work after being forced to edit it repeatedly, and the advice was dead on.

As much as I adore Emma and lust for Caleb - I need a break from them.

On the writing front. I spoke to a very good friend about a book that is in the conceptual phases and I'm so tempted to give in (which means putting away the second in my Desires of the Otherworld series) and write this new material. I know it's best to finish what you start first (which is why I have so many projects halfway completed) but darn it, sometimes it's impossible to resist.