Thursday, May 21, 2009

Multiple Projects

At first, I thought numerous ideas were a "good" thing. I mean, creative flow is something writers need.

I'm beginning to rethink that logic.

I have so many ongoing projects:

Book two Desires of the Otherworld (which has several others in the outline stages)
Book two of Rhiannon's Law series (urban fantasy)
The Company of Wolves (urban fantasy, will be a series)
Just to name a few.

I'm stuck in this funk of "what do I write now?" Some of the stories are a few chapters in, a few are outlined, and even more are floating around in the brain. The problem is, I've finished writing my last project and now I'm in this funk of trying to decide where to go next and what to do.

Common sense tells me to write the story I'll most enjoy, but I can't decide which that would be. Hell, anything beats staring at the computer screen battling myself.

Choices = Decisions.

So how do I decide which choice is the right one?

Blah, blah, and BLAH!!