Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Inspiration Strikes

I want to write professionally. I want to create characters people respond and react to. I want to stir emotion, entangle the reader, and perhaps most importantly - I want to tell one hell of a story.

So what do I do when a story comes along that isn't my normal pro-quo? Do I push it aside and hope those nagging little characters leave me alone instead of demanding that I give them the proper attention and tell their story already? Or do I give in and sit my bahonkus down at the good old PC (laptops blow for writing, but that's just my two cents).

The last few weeks I've been battling the above. I've had this story in my head of a young girl with a heartbreaking past that has moved with her family to another town for a chance at another life. And in this town is the most amazing young man I've ever met, a senior in her class that sees something in her that he doesn't see in anyone else.

I fought the pull. I drowned out their voices with the dialogue of others. I resisted Rebecca and Matthew time and again, even as the voices of their parents soon came into my head along with Rebecca's sister.

And then five days ago, I gave in, and I finally started writing.

It's a first for me. I've written of 30k words in that short period of time. It's coming out of my head like a tsunami. It can't stop it and I can't hinder it. It's a story that's going to be told, regardless of if it's not my normal cup of paranormal tea.

And the odd thing is - I'm having more fun writing than I have in months.

Who knows what will become of the story. Perhaps I'll print it out and put it on my shelf with the others. But either way, I'm glad I'm getting to know Rebecca and Matthew. They have shown me it's okay to listen to the voices from time to time and give in to what your heart knows but your mind resists.