Friday, June 12, 2009


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Plagiarism is something that should NEVER happen...But it does. And as someone that takes pride in her ability to warp and conduct strange ideas into stories, I cannot begin to fathom how anyone could willingly steal from another.

When I started writing, I was directed to a website called Fictionpress. I was told it was a great starting place to share my emerging stories and talent and get a "feel" for how people viewed my work. That was partially true. There were constructive comments (grammatical) and flames (one Twilight fan bashed Crimson Moon as a blatant rip off of SM's hard work - which is most assuredly is NOT) but for the most part, I enjoyed the experience.

After I began listening to my family and decided to pursue publication, I removed Crimson Moon, polished it, and tucked it away. In the meantime, I shared portions of my newest romance, Eternity and a Day, and the first couple of chapters of The Company of Wolves with the audience.

Then I got hip to the "news". People were stealing the stories from Fictionpress (an author I was a fan of pulled her stories down, which alerted me to the situation) and passing them along to other sites as works of their own.

Needless to say, my work went down faster than a cheap whore scrounging for change inside a grimy bar.

It's a shame. It should never happen. And it repulses me.