Saturday, July 4, 2009

Holiday Well Wishes and Something More

Writing Status - Edits Today
Mood - A-Okay
Playing on ipod - From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars

First and foremost, a mighty thank you to all those the fight for our freedom. Your service often goes without the recognition it deserves. I hope you enjoy time with your friends and loved ones.

Today, I'll be focusing on edits as I'm not in the right frame of mind to write. I recently had to make a huge decision in regard to my Otherworld series, namely with the first book, Eternity and a Day. I chose to rescind the material from the press instead of pursuing publication with them. There were several factors that cemented by decision, all of them weighed and considered at length. I hoped I wouldn't be questioned too heavily on this, as I am within my rights as a writer to make this choice without a binding contract. Unfortunately, I was asked, and had to be honest and forthcoming.

Sometimes, being honest is painful. But I take comfort in the fact that I handled myself professionally.

So for now, Eternity and a Day is my focus. It needs to be re-polished and shown some lovin' before it will go back out into the world.

Happy 4th everyone!