Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's coming...

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I never thought I'd hear myself saying this. I'm a paranormal writer. I adore the macabre as much as I love a good steamy romance. Darkness and misunderstood creatures are what do it for me...

But the truth is - I have the intense itch to attempt a western romance, set a year or two after the Civil War.

Will it happen? I'm not certain. Right now projects abound. I'm currently working on The Renfield Syndrome, a new erotic novella (or longer) for Amira, and in between I'm editing Eternity and a Day.

But I tell you...A mustached hero with a six shooter is calling my name and he just won't leave me the hell alone.

Yeah, I'll end up writing it. It's just a question of when.


Historical Writer/Editor said...

Hi Jaime, with your perspective, it should be good. I expect it will have an interesting twist. :)