Monday, July 13, 2009

Writing Woes

Writing Status - Currently A-Go
Mood - Pensive
Playing on ipod - Human Nature by Michael Jackson

I have a problem that is slowly driving me to madness, and it's called too many projects.

Right now, my mind refuses to stop churning and allow me to focus on one work at a time. It's incredibly frustrating. I can't get a fix on what I "want" to write, and as I refuse to deviate (lest I fall into the pit of never finishing anything by rotating repeatedly), I keep getting stuck.

I hoped forcing myself to adhere to the rule of no more than two stories at a time would alleviate the continual material I have yet to complete. Instead, I'm drowning in characters, each screaming loudly over the other to have their own tale heard.

Writing is one thing. Envisioning all of these imaginary characters, places, and scenes is something else all together.

I've reverted to nothing more than a weirdo that hears voices.


Historical Writer/Editor said...

You are a hoot with words! Always make me laugh. Some people have the opposite problem, not enough ideas. Maybe write outlines of your various ideas so you can get the gist of them down. That way you won't have to worry about forgetting them. Then choose your two, and later two more. :)