Monday, August 31, 2009

A Kiss Before Dying Excerpt

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Katja Morgan has committed the ultimate taboo in the life of a blood slave; she has fallen in love with her master. Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything she has ever wanted - gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, kind. As their time together nears an end, she carefully constructs the ruse that will allow her to belong to her shellar in both body and soul.

But sharing an evening with her beloved comes at a high price - the cost of her life.

Disguised as a bed slave, Katja enters Sebastian's chambers to experience the pleasures she's been long denied. Including the bite that will ultimately kill her -what slaves refer to as a kiss before dying. As the night fades into the day, will Sebastian discover Katja's true identity before it's too late? Or will he lose the slave he's come to love above all others?


The large oak door opened with a protest of squeaking hinges, interrupting my thoughts and memories, and Sebastian entered the bed chamber. His massive frame took up a large portion of the bedroom, as did his tremendous presence. He pulled the door closed behind him, walking to the center of the room, and then stood before me.

I knew what to expect. I had seen him come to those fortunate enough to grace his bed in those first days of my tenure, exiting just before the females doomed to die glorified in the last dizzying moments of pure bliss. For though they partook in the pleasures of his body, it was I that shared a portion of his mind, and the only reprieve I was allotted from his chamber was when he entertained.

As required, I donned a black mask embossed with blood red jewels that revealed only my cherry stained lips and darkly kohled chocolate brown eyes, which worked in my favor to keep my identity hidden. Many of the Lords preferred to think of their bed partners as little more than disposable pleasures. None of them enjoyed killing, even when it was necessary. The mask also held an enchantment, masking my unique scent. Otherwise, Sebastian would easily recognize the aroma of my blood, and by association, my identity.

To continue with the illusion, I chose a long pale blond wig. Disguising the waves of brunette collected beneath. Sebastian loved my hair, claiming it was a prize of its own. Masking those heavy strands was as important as obscuring my face.

He continued standing there, observing me with a trained and critical eye. His body was covered by only the most expensive materials, each piece custom fit to conform to his frame perfectly. The black jacket molded to his wide shoulders, left open along the center to reveal the crisp white shirt beneath with pearly white buttons opened at the collar.

“Rise,” he murmured in his thick rich voice, slightly accented and entirely erotic.

The mere word caused my thin panties to become drenched with hot liquid arousal. I began to shiver, goose bumps gathering along the surface of my skin. Wantonly, I envisioned the lips that uttered the word against my breasts, sucking and nipping playfully. My nipples, aching and sensitive, hardened at the prospect, and I shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

Scenting my desire, Sebastian chuckled at my reaction. “Rise, little beauty, and come to me.”

This time, I did.