Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amber Scott Project (and Paperbacks are here!)

First -- Dead is now available in print!! I'm so very excited. You can purchase a copy by visiting HERE.

Today, I'm visiting Amber Scott Project, answering some questions and shooting the breeze. She's a ton of fun to chat with, and we'd love to gab with you if you get the chance.

Only one more stop left on the tour, can you believe it? The support I've received has been so humbling and grounding. I could never do any of this without all of you. The encouragement means so much, to the point that I tell all of my friends and family just how important the people I've met along the way are. From those who graciously reviewed my stories when I was just starting out, to those who stopped by, said hello, and welcomed me into such a warm and caring circle of authors and readers.

Thanks to each and every single one of you for making time for me and for helping me promote this story. I don't know what I've done to deserve all of you, but I sure as hell appreciate each and every one of you.


Jacqueline Paige said...

Have you received your print copy yet? You will carry it around for at least a day when you do. ;)

Congrats on all or your success thus far!!!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Great to hear the book is in print. I am going to have to get a copy for myself. I have to read a few books on my shelf first then I will be buying a few books. Glad to hear! Congrats.

Sounds like lots of fun with the tour as well.