Friday, February 12, 2010

Full Disclosure by Cari Quinn Review

Let me start by saying I've meant to do this for a long while now. I absolutely loved Full Disclosure, and had every intention on sharing my review of the deliciously naughty story with everyone. Due to interruptions, I just now had the opportunity to sit down, put it to paper, and share with all of you.

Without further ado...

When it comes to sizzling erotic romance, author extraordinaire Cari Quinn will leave you breathless. Her first offering, Full Disclosure, gives us a glimpse of what we can expect in what is sure to be an extremely successful future. With solid and well developed characters, a fast-paced and intriguing premise, and so much chemistry and sexual tension you’ll need an ice-cold shower and licensed masseuse to unwind, she leaves you hungry for one thing and one thing only – more.

Holly Burrows is a woman’s woman. From the moment she arrives on the page, she is a force to be reckoned with. Tired of seeking pleasure with her own hands and toys, she’s decided to be adventurous and registers on Hunk Du Jour, a website that specializes in men seeking “adult” encounters. A “cub” responds to her ad, but in this circumstance, age isn’t an issue. Recently divorced, Holly wants a man with stamina that will come to her without strings, and her would-be lover, Kent, seems to fit the bill perfectly. But before she can meet with Kent, she has a business meeting to attend to. When she arrives for lunch with her associate, Alex, and he comes on to her, she throws caution to the wind and accepts.

Two cubs in one afternoon? Who could possibly turn such an offer down?

Kent – AKA the man Holly has been conversing with through Hunk Du Jour – AKA her associate Alex Stryker – has wanted Holly for as long as he can remember. Months of preparation and steamy late night phone calls have driven him insane, and in an attempt to get to her before his alter-ego can, he meets Holly for lunch with more than business in mind. To his utter shock, she accepts his advances, and they agree to venture to his home to seal the deal. As the night unfolds and passions ignite, Alex knows he wants far more than one night in the arms of the woman of his dreams. However, it’s not as easy or as simple as confessing his feelings.

When Alex finally comes clean and tells Holly that he not only owns Hunk Du Jour, but he is the man she’s been conversing with for weeks under a false identity, will she be able to find it in her heart to forgive him? Can a future exist off the basis of a lie?

The answers are not entirely what you’d expect, which make Full Disclosure so much more than your average erotic romance. Ms. Quinn does a fantastic job of snaring the reader using every resource in her arsenal; including humor, sensuality, and pure, unbridled emotion. You’ll wriggle, you’ll squirm, you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry.

Full Disclosure is a sexual thrill ride erotica fans are sure to enjoy.

You can purchase a copy of Full Disclosure at The Wild Rose Press AKA Wilder Press by clicking HERE.


Cari Quinn said...

You are so awesome. ;D Thank you a million times over!

Shelley Munro said...

I'm looking forward to reading CAri's book. I have it, but time is in short supply at present.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Hi guys!

What an awesome review.

I have this book too and downloaded it to my iTouch and the formatting went all wonky--no paragraph breaks. So as soon as I get my Nook or Sony (this week, I hope), I'll be reading this. It sounds awesome.

Megan Slayer said...

I gotta tell ya, it is one of my favorite reads. Great job, Cari!