Monday, February 15, 2010

Ten Questions with Rebecca J. Clark

Everyone, please help me welcome the marvelous Rebecca J. Clark to the blog! She's promoting her fabtastic story, Borrowed Stilettos, and was gracious enough to answer Ten Questions!

Without further ado, welcome Rebecca!

What is your favorite beverage when you write?

Something hot. I drink a lot of coffee and green tea. When writing steamy love scenes, however, a good red wine is nice.

What is your favorite font to write in?

Anything but Courier. When I read that font, everything I write sounds like a bad rough draft. If I change it to Century Schoolbook (my favorite), the same words miraculously morph into something readable.

What music do you listen to when you write (or do you prefer it quiet)?

My preference is quiet. If I do listen to music, it can’t have any lyrics.

When it comes to those all important jotted notes, which is it – composition pads or sticky notes?

Composition pads. I’ve tried using sticky notes, but they end up stuck all over my house. I once found one stuck to the bottom of my purse while grocery shopping.

What’s your favorite snack when pounding away at the keyboard?

I try not to eat while I’m writing, because it would be way too easy to snarf away 100s of calories. If I was eating something like broccoli or baby carrots, it wouldn’t be an issue.

What inspires you when you write?

I use an online timer or Write or Die. There’s nothing like a ticking clock to make my fingers start flying across the keyboard.

What do you turn to when you stumble across a road block in the creative process and need to regroup?

I do several things. Taking a long walk outside always helps, as does reading a fiction book outside the genre I write in. Sometimes, I’ll switch gears and work on a different project, because the other projects are always way more interesting than my WIP.

Where do the ideas and concepts for your work come from?

Anywhere and everywhere.

What do you wish there was more of in the market?

I wish there were more straight contemporary romances. I enjoy a good paranormal every now and then, but it seems like every new release these days is a vampire/shifter/werewolf/demon/apocalypse story.

Lastly, what advice would you give to an up and coming writer that hopes to submit their work and become published in the future?

Focus more on the writing and the craft of writing than the business and promo aspects at this point. And don’t ever, EVER give up. If you give up today, you’ll never know if tomorrow was your big break.

Great answers, Rebecca. ;-) Tell us where we can find you on the web. Or share any upcoming projects with us!

Find me on the web at,,

Now, for a preview of Borrowed Stilettos (which is on my TBR list as we speak!).

Borrowed Stilettos Blurb:

It's a classic case of mistaken identity...only this time, it's no mistake.

Mild-mannered teacher Audrey Thompson dresses as her flamboyant but cowardly twin in order to break up with her sister's fiance, Zach Banister. Before she can do the dirty deed, she starts to fall for him herself. Her plan goes hilariously and seductively awry, as things tend to do when you're stuffing your bra and borrowing your sister's stilettos. Little does Audrey realize, however, Zach is also playing a game and has his own agenda.

Borrowed Stilettos Excerpt:

Well. It was now or never. Adrenaline blasted through her veins, heating her skin. Taking a deep breath of courage, she navigated the first step downward while holding the banister for support. Her ankle wobbled on the four-inch heel. She took another step. This time, she swayed precariously. Her head swam with visions of being splayed out like road kill on the Banister slate.

The threesome below turned her way.

“Ava,” Zach greeted with a smile in his voice. Its deep tone echoed the answering quiver in her belly. She imagined what her name would sound like rolling off his tongue. She froze on the second step from the top, afraid to move. Who in their right mind would ever install hardwood stairs? Nerves rattled around her gut like coins in an empty soda can.

“Darling, we were just talking about you,” he said, moving toward the bottom of the staircase.

Darling? Oh, crap. How was she supposed to break up with a man who called her ‘darling’ in such a sexy way?

“Come down here, and I’ll introduce you.”

Judging from the hostile postures of the women, Audrey decided she’d rather have a root canal. She hoped they couldn’t see up her skirt from their lower vantage point. She said a silent prayer of thanks she hadn’t taken her sister’s advice and was, in fact, wearing panties. Could she call a thong “panties”?

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Rebecca! I apologize for my tardiness! Everyone, give her an extra special warm welcome! ;-)


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Rebecca,

Again, thanks for stopping by the blog. I apologize for the delay. I really need to figure out how to correct my Google account so my clock is in the right time zone!


Rebecca J. Clark said...

Hi, thanks for having me. I am in the right time zone yet my blogs still don't post automatically. I love the look of your blog BTW!

J.A. Saare said...

Are you kidding? Thanks for being here! I'm so glad we met. ;-)

I'm a self-professed WWW idiot (see my first blog entry if you don't believe me). Each time I've tried to pre-publish something I've always goofed it up. I really need to sit down one day and figure it out.

I'm glad you like the backdrop. A few people worried it might be too "busy" when I started out, but it suits my personality.

All my best on your story. Wishing you many, many sells. Borrowed Stilettos sounds fantastic! (loving the cover!)

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Rebecca! Your book sounds really good--great cover too! Loved the q/a as well.

Good luck with sales!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

J.A. I'm a WWW idiot, too, if that makes you feel better. :) I'm so glad to have *met* you, too.

Kaye--thanks so much for commenting! J.A. asked great questions, didn't she?

Shelley Munro said...

Rebecca - I had to laugh because that would be me tottering on silettos. I never wear heels. You have a very eye catching cover too.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Shelley--I borrowed my sister's stilettos for a booksigning last weekend. I couldn't walk in them. Could barely stand. I'm back in my tennis shoes today.

Cari Quinn said...

Hi Rebecca and Jaime! Loved the interview, and I definitely love Borrowed Stilettos' cover. I can't wait to read it! :)

J.A. Saare said...

I just had to say -- I haven't worn heels since my wedding. That's the bonus to marrying a man on the shorter end of the scale. ;-)

The Long and the Short of It Reviews said...

Hey Jaime... I'm sorry to do this in this way, but I didn't have an alternate email for you. I just got spammed from your Yahoo account -- the same spam I got from a dozen other authors in the last two days.

So... someone has hacked your Yahoo email. You need to see if you can get in and change your password. I'd recommend changing ALL your passwords, too.

Sorry :-(

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Well I can say I married Lurch, so yeah, I have to wear heels from time to time, but me and stilettos do not have a working relationship.

Then again, there is something sexy about hanging on the arm of your man because you're afraid you'll take a tumble, especially when the guy is handsome and thrilled to have you hanging on his arm.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey LASR ~

I'm aware and working to resolve the issue now. Hope to rectify it soon.


And Hi Wendi!!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Hey Cari--So nice to see you here.

Jaime--I stopped wearing heels when I met my hubby. He's just an inch taller than me.

Wendi--Stilettos are damn sexy, but I honestly don't know how women walk in them.