Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon

Tonight I signed my contract and tomorrow it will be in the mail, so it's almost official. Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon will be published at Loose Id (under my Aline Hunter pen). There is no release date yet, but I'm very excited. This story is a prequel (sorta) that begins on the same day (Samhain) as Eternity and a Day and is book two in the Desires of the Otherworld series. This time you meet Bridon, the vampire king, and Willow, a Lycae princess. There are also appearances by the Draigen brothers, Lucian, and Yuviette. It's shorter at 50k but was a joy to write. I hope you enjoy the story. I've included the blurb (which is subject to change) and an excerpt (which could also change) for you below.

**Warning, the snippet is R rated**

Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon blurb:

Temptation is always made worse when you long for the forbidden...

Vampire King Bridon Walkyr has waited centuries for the return of his Chosen. Yet instead of the docile and fragile human he anticipates, his beloved has been reborn of the very race that wishes to destroy his kind. Unwilling to lose her a second time, he travels to the mortal realm under a guise to intercept his mate and challenge fate.

Lycae Princess Willow Miloradovic lives under the strain of a preordained destiny she has yet to commit. From the time she could conceive of right and wrong, she has been told she will bring about the downfall of her pack. For her Fated is not only her enemy, he is the very ruler of the blood drinkers they detest. Intentionally guided into the trap Bridon has placed, she has special instructions from her alpha -- kill the vampire king and sever their connection.

When Bridon and Willow clash, sparks will fly, passions will ignite, and enemies will become lovers. Unfortunately, with a killing moon on the rise, their union can signify only one thing -- death.

Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon Excerpt:

“We’re staying in a cave?” she asked softly, breaking her silence.

He glanced over his shoulder. “Is that a problem?”

“No.” She returned to her nervous state, folding her arms over her chest.

He turned from her and continued on, guiding her down the path to where they would remain during the day. His cock became harder with each step, until he knew there would be no way to mask how she affected him. Unlike Aislynn, who smelled of powder and roses, Willow smelled like the forest following a cleansing spring rain. Each time he inhaled, his canines started to ache. While it might be possible to keep his promise about making love to her, he wasn’t certain he could refrain from tasting her blood.

She smelled too damned sweet.

They made it to the circular area deep underground, next to the spring along the back. He sat the satchels down and rolled out the sleeping bags before he pivoted to look at Willow. She had stopped several feet away. The undeniable heat in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. No matter how much time had passed, she hadn’t changed her mind about being with him.

“Come here,” he ordered, forcing himself to remain where he was when all he wanted to do was throw her to the ground, strip her of her clothing, and sample all that she had to offer.

Uncrossing her arms, she did as he said. Each step brought the refreshing smell of pine, rain, and woman closer to him. When she stopped a foot or so away, he growled, “I said to come here, Willow.”

She blinked, obviously taken off guard by his aggressive tone. He thought she was going to argue, but after opening her mouth to do so she promptly closed it again. One step put them chest to chest and hip to hip. He lowered his head to her throat and inhaled, biting back the hunger that gnawed at him.

“I agreed to your terms, so it’s only fair that you agree to mine as well.” He pulled away and gazed down at her, growing rock hard when he saw how cloudy her eyes had become. Her irises were now fully gold in the center, her lids were heavy, and she was breathing shallowly.

“What terms?” she asked breathlessly, swaying so that her breasts brushed his chest.

“For the duration of the trip, you will allow me to drink from you.”

She started to move away but he trapped her in his arms, forcing her against his body, and allowed her to feel the length of his cock against her belly. The moment she recognized what was prodding against her, her wariness became something else. He knew she wanted him. There was no mistaking the pounding of her pulse in her throat, or the way she moved so slightly that a friction was created between their bodies.

“No way.”

“Why not?” He lowered his head a second time, allowing his breath to caress her skin. She gasped when he licked a line from her throat to her ear, and wrapped her hands around his arms.

“It’s against our laws.”

“I don’t see your pack here, do you?” He continued tormenting her skin with sharp nips of his teeth, followed by soothing flicks of his tongue.

“No, but…”

He brought his hands down and cupped her ass, shifting his hips so that he rubbed against her. “Let me taste you, Willow. Let me introduce you to how it feels to accept the kiss of a vampire. I’ll bring you to climax from my bite alone.”

“I can’t.” Even as she shook her head, she pulled him closer, digging her nails into his arms.

“Are you sure about that?” He forced his knee between her legs and applied pressure, until he touched the apex of her thighs. She cried out, pressed her pussy against him, and rotated her hips.

“Please.” She groaned and her head feel back, allowing him to see the vein he would use to bring them both pleasure.

“You have to say it.” He lodged his leg more firmly against her and used his hands to still her motions. “Tell me to drink from you.”

She didn’t answer but shook her head, sending waves of blonde cascading all around them. He removed his left hand from her ass and cupped the back of her head, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“You’ll tell me, or I won’t give you anything at all.”

He started to pull away from her, placing distance between their bodies. She scrambled to pull him closer, clinging to him like a kitten.

“You said you wanted to continue where we left off.”

He grinned, taunting her. “I did, didn’t I?”

“Damn it.” She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t do this to me.”

“I’m not doing anything to you,” he corrected, pulling her closer. “I’m just waiting for you to tell me what you want.”

“I’ve told you want I want.”

“And I’ve told you what I want in turn.”

Her claws raked into his shoulders, and he continued staring into her face. She smelled even better up close; wind, rain, and forest -- with a trace of the lavender soap he’d purchased just for her. It wasn’t necessary to repeat his request. He simply waited, allowing her to make the decision for herself.

“Bridon?” Her bottom lip quivered as she met his gaze.

He arched a brow mockingly. “Yes?”

“You’re really going to make me ask?”

He felt her trembling, could see the need etched all over her face. “Aye, I am.”

For a moment, he thought she’d refuse. She frowned as she internalized the information, going tense in his arms. Determined to keep her mind with him -- then and there -- he leaned in and nipped her bottom lip, biting hard enough to get her attention. Her lips parted as he pulled away.

A heat appeared in her eyes, something he didn’t dare imagine was possible so soon, and she did something he didn’t expect. When she lunged upward, wrapped her arms around his neck, and twined her legs around his waist, he kept her balanced against him via the hands around her neck and ass. Then she was kissing him, hard and rough, her tongue snaking into his mouth as she moaned.

Mindless and wild, he carried her to the sleeping bags and lowered her to the padded surface. To Hades with being a gentleman. Willow was nothing like Aislynn. She was wild and uninhibited, untamed and brazen. He realized then that the traits she exhibited excited him far more than a demure smile, a wine colored blush, and whispers of love he’d known so long ago. This was his true Fated. The past was just a means to bring them to this point -- now, together.

He released her ass, grasped her head in his hands, and peered into her face. “Say it. Tell me.”

She looked at him with desire glossed eyes, her breathing rapid. “Do I have to?”

“Tell me.”

He didn’t smile as he pressed his cock firmly between her legs, until she was unable to lift her hips or move. She went limp beneath him and lowered her hands, until they were resting at his waist. Her entire body was quaking, her limbs shivering so hard it almost made him cave in and give her what she wanted despite her willingness to say the words.

“B-Bridon,” she stammered.

He brought his head down and spoke softly into her ear. “Tell me, Willow. No more games. I want to hear you say it.”

Turning her head and baring her neck, she did as he asked. “Drink from me.”


KeyboardHussy/ Evelyn Lafont said...

Now THIS is how I want to start every day. Thanks for the sweet excerpt I

Sharon S. said...

er...yum ;) congrats on the contract. I look forward to reading more.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Hussy and Sharon. I'm glad you liked the excerpt! :)

oreoparris said...

Wow, that was a great tease :) Looking forward to the release!

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