Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Contracts & An Amazing Contest

As I mentioned a while back, my story Omega Mine as contracted at Ellora's Cave. Now I have more contract news! I've recently been contracted for an Ellora's Cave Exotika Quickie. No Strings is a sizzling hot contemporary short with emotion. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, so I hope you enjoy it. You can read more about the story by clicking HERE. I've also gotten a release date for Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon (September 13th), a release date for The Renfield Syndrome (August 23rd), and I'm wrapping up edits on Crimson Sunrise and Omega Mine so I should have release dates for those stories soon.

I've received a few emails about The Ripple Effect. I had planned to finish up the book by the end of June. Now it's looking like it might be August. With the children home for the summer, it's difficult to find time to write. Compounding this issue is my father is sick again. His other foot is now infected due to diabetes and he's having a difficult time moving around. I'm very concerned for him, so I'm not in the proper head space to write at the moment. Hopefully things will resolve and I can get back to my usual routine.

Now for the contest I mentioned...

I spoke to my absolute favorite author Joey W. Hill. I wanted to do a contest giving away all of her Vampire Queen books with the exception of her new release on July 15th, Vampire Instinct. Why? Because I want you to go out and buy the new book! Her writing is amazing and any BDSM/Vampire fan should read them. On Monday, she'll be stopping by to answer a few questions. On that day I'll have all the contest details (the contest will run through Friday -- her release day). So if you're interested in owning the first six books, be sure to swing by.

With that, I'm off. It's been an extremely draining day. I hope tomorrow is a bit better.


Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about your father. Will be thinking of you and your family.

I haven't read and Hill yet so this would be a great way to start ;) I will be here on Monday.

Don't forget, we will have a virtual party on the first day of school! I like to just sit in silence for a while on that first day :)

J.A. Saare said...


I think you'll like her. Be sure to check back. Thanks for the well wishes. It's been really hard. :(

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