Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Strings Coming Soon & Other Things

You're probably wondering where I've been? *grin* The answer is all over the place. I've been attending school functions for my kiddos, gearing up for projects (I'll get to that in a second), and trying to get my calendar in order for next year (it never hurts to think ahead). Fortunately everything seems to be going as planned, so I'm hoping my good luck (aside from a horrible case of the flu that sidelined me for a couple of days) holds.

For those of you who are interested, No Strings releases at Ellora's Cave on Wednesday (October 26th). It's only $1.49 which isn't bad for a short story. The best part is I'm plotting the full-length book for the characters and plan to have it done next year. So if you decide to give the story a go, there will be more in the future -- promise.

Here's the blurb:

Diane and Zeke have one tragic thing in common—they’ve both lost their spouses. Despite years of group therapy, neither has been able to move on with their life. So when Zeke suggests a one-night, no-strings fling, Diane decides she has nothing to lose. It will take a passionate evening to reawaken desires, fantasies and sexual pleasures they’ve long forgotten. And before the sun rises, they’ll discover letting go isn’t as bad as it seems.

Onto other things...

I'm waiting for edits on Make Me Shiver but hope to get to work on the manuscript soon. The second book in the series is another I intend to work on and have out next year. In fact, it's probably a good time for me to discuss NANO while we're on the subject.

During the month of November I'm not going to be online much (if at all). I plan to use NANO to complete Enemy Mine (sequel to Omega Mine) and hopefully finish up (or at least put a dent in) The Ripple Effect. Because of this I will be slow to respond to emails and the like. If you send me an email, message on Twitter or Facebook, and I don't respond that's why. I realize now that there are numerous projects I have to write and I've fallen behind. If I want to meet my deadlines, I have to get my arse in gear.

For those who have asked about Crimson Sunrise -- the edits are done. I'm simply waiting for a release date. When I receive the information I'll pass it along. Also, I will have a guest on November 1st -- the lovely Dina James -- who is promoting her new release All Wounds. Aside from that, I'm going into the cave. I'll probably pop online once a week for a progress report but assume that no news is good news.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying October. It's hard to believe Halloween is almost here! I'll be back with a release day post on Wednesday. Until then, enjoy your weekend!


Marq said...

I looove the cover! I love pics where there's a hint of pubes. I don't know why but it gets me going. LOL! Can't wait to read it.

Is there something poking through that towel?? :P

We'll miss you online! Knock out those books!

Anonymous said...

so exciting to read about all the books coming!!! Also love reading one of my fav authors is going to nano!! Hope you have fun diving in throughout Nov, but before that have a fantastic Halloween!! Hope the flu stuff hasn't kept you from the haunted house type stuff

oreoparris said...

Yay...Crimson Sunrise!!!!!! So excited. Thanks for the update and will be eagerly awaiting all the other releases too. Take care Jaime.

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