Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update and Turkey Day Well Wishes

It's so hard to believe Thanksgiving is here. It seems (literally) like yesterday I was bemoaning a brand new 2011. Now it's almost 2012.


Anyhow, I wanted to stop by and wish you all a happy holiday full of food, fun, and laughs. I enjoy this time of year very much, even if I complain about it. After tomorrow a local station will start playing nothing but Christmas music, and I'll gleefully drive the family nutso by listening to it ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, until Christmas has come and gone.

Who says there is no joy in torture? *grin*

On the work front...I'm sad to say I've not had much progress on Enemy Mine. I'd started on the project only to be sidelined with things for my children. This time of year is very hectic and I didn't anticipate just how busy I'd be. Fortunately I have this weekend and the last week in November to attempt to get to the 50k mark. If I can do this I should complete the story in December. As for The Ripple Effect -- I've been editing and revising. Once that's done I can write the rest and wrap up the book. My goal is to complete the MS by the end of Dec/Jan.

Now, because I love you, I wanted to share an image I discovered on Facebook. Hopefully it will give you the same giggle it did me. I'll return soon with another update and perhaps a contest.


oreoparris said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family!!!

Sharon said...

heehee, like that image. Have you seen the one that is a bottle of glitter and says "Edward Cullen's ashes"? love it.

I have been listening to the 24/7 Christmas station too. My family won't get in the car with my now my plan is working... Hope you Thanksgiving was relaxing. My family went to a brunch buffet. Booyah!

Elin said...

Not sure if you are aware of this, but Thanksgiving is an American holiday, only celebrated by Americans. I wouldn't even know it was now if it wasn't for seeing Americans post about it on the net. And, I have yet to totally understand the holiday... Maybe I'll find the energy to read up on it some day. ;)

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Elin, I'm aware it's an American holiday (although Canadians celebrate it in October) which is why I titled the post "Turkey Day" instead.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :D

MamaKitty said...

Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family! I haven't started listening to Christmas music yet... not in the mood yet for some reason. It's funny because last year, I was listening to Christmas music on November 1st! :(