Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Enemy Mine on Kindle

I've had several people ask about Enemy Mine on Kindle this weekend. I apologize for the delay but wanted to let you know the book is now available at:

Kindle (Click to Redirect)

Amazon.UK (Click to Redirect)

All Romance Ebooks (Click to Redirect)

No word yet on Barnes & Noble or other vendors. When I receive the information, I'll update them on my website. All the purchase links are featured on the each book's page. Thanks again! Hope you enjoy Emory and Mary's story.


oreoparris said...

DL from EC but was waiting until it was on Amazon before I posted a review. I hope to do that sometime this week. BTW I loved it and CANNOT wait for Trey and Sadie's story. And I see what you meant about a couple of other characters. I wanna know about the witch :)