Friday, June 22, 2012

Chance for a rare The Ripple Effect ARC

After much consideration, I decided what I provided for Books Fighting Cancer wasn't here's what I decided to do. If someone wins who follows me on my author page on Facebook (and comments in the proper location if they win the auction with my books in the lot) I will throw in an ARC of The Ripple Effect as a bonus. Details are here (along with my requests regarding the book):


If you're interested, head over and check things out. This is a cause that means a lot to Chels at Vampire Book Club. If you're not interested in my work, please consider bidding on the other auctions. There are so many wonderful things to win. She wants to do something to honor her father and I can't think of anything more noble.

Thanks again for contributing. Go forth and fight cancer.

I'll be back (as I keep saying, I know) soon. Wishing you all my best!