Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rhiannon's Law and the Crimson Trilogy

Hiya all!

 I apologize it's taken me so long to update.

I've gotten several emails about this subject so I wanted to address it here. Yes, Rhiannon's Law is not available for sale. Why? I've had numerous people comment on the editing and such of the novels, therefore I've submitted the MS to publishers. So far one has taken a bite and I'm waiting for more information. I'm hoping others might as well. I revisited the material and revised it, so I hope the books are better for all of you. I'm also working on (and have been working on Edge of Darkness). If all goes well you get Rhiannon's series soon. I love this character and want to do her justice. Since the rights have been reverted to me I've been visiting other avenues to release the stories.

 As for Crimson Sunset... I am working on that as well. Currently the second book belongs to a publisher. Once rights are mine I will return to the series and finish it. I've written much of the final story but want to make sure it's complete. Therefore I've been working on the project between "other" projects. Believe me, I haven't forgotten these series. If anything I want to make them better. I will update when I have more news. To show a bit of faith: Soft As Moonlight (published by Amira Press) will be re-released next year (expanded and revised) as Moon Kissed at Samhain. The contract is signed and I'm working on revisions. I want to give readers what they want, therefore I'll do what it takes. The other books in the series (Lick of Frost and the first story "Moon Kissed" are being revised and lengthened as we speak) will be better and longer.

 No worries. My love of horror and urban fantasy lives on. I'm simply adventuring into unexplored avenues. The books WILL return -- better and stronger -- in the future.

Please give me a bit of time to get things done. In the meantime I'm wish you all my best. Thank you for the unending support!


Brent said...

Was wondering if those of us that have purchased the previous versions of the Rhiannon's Law novels will have to repurchase them in their new, revised form?

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Brent, no you won't. Although the new versions are longer and provide a bit more depth to the characters, the story will remain the same, so you'll easily be able to follow when Edge of Darkness releases.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brent said...

Thanks for the quick response!
Looking forward to the new versions as you've described them. ;-)