Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon

Hello, all! I wanted to update and let you know what's going on. First and foremost: Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon (formerly released as Darkest Hunger) will re-release on December 9th. It's actual a prequel (transpires that same time as Eternity and a Day, which is the first book in the Desires of the Otherworld series). It can be read as a standalone but reading Eternity and a Day might be best to get the most of the story. That's why Eternity and a Day will be substantially discounted on Amazon.com the week of release.

You can get both books without breaking the bank.

For those who've read the series and want more I'm happy to announce I'll be starting the third book in the Desires of the Otherworld series next year (Wicked Deeds at Night's End). I'm excited to dive back into the world and give you the books you've asked for. I can't wait to revisit the characters.

As for other release news...

I'm working on Crimson Sunset. Rights for the second book, Crimson Sunrise, won't revert to me until next year. I want to revisit the story and add to it. I'm also writing Edge of Darkness (Rhiannon's Law #4). Right now Rhiannon is under consideration by a publisher(s). If things go well, the series will be revised and re-released. I wanted to give Rhiannon the biggest visibility boost possible, so she's under the submission process. I could have self-published (and considered it) but felt this was the best way to re-release the series if at all possible.

Other things...

I'll wrap up Alpha Mine (Alpha and Omega 3.5) in a few days. This story is as long as Vampire Mine -- perhaps will be longer (and continues Trey and Sadie's story). Once done, the book will go to my editor. I will share release information as I receive it. Afterward, I'll wrap up Make Me Surrender (it's almost halfway completed) and will start Sought and Twisted in Knots.

My goal for 2104 is to release six books (if not more). I have a schedule and have remained on task. I know you want certain books and want to do my best to get them to you. While J.A. Saare books appear to be on the back burner, I have written more on a new UF series I'd like to sell, as well as other projects. My hope is to have more of work in that genre available for you soon.

If you'd like to read snippets and keep up to date, my Facebook Author Page is updated regularly: I do have a street team, but it's full. If you'd like to be on the waiting list, you can email me (jasaare @ gmail dot com) and I can tell my admins.


The stories you've been waiting for are coming. No worries. There also new ventures on the horizon (Moon Kissed -- no, it's not what you think -- the old series has been substantially revised and changed for release) I can't wait to share with you! Again, I appreciate all of the support, emails, etc, I receive daily. If not for you, I couldn't do what I do for a living. My readers are truly the best. Thank you!

I hope you have an amazing holiday weekend. :-)


oreoparris said...

Happy Thanksgiving (belated). Hope you and your family had a good holiday. I have a question, I have Darkest Hunger and wanted to know if there is new content in the re-release. I don't mind buying it again, but with Christmas coming up I'm on a budget. Looking forward to all the new releases next year, as always the next Crimson book being on the top of the list.

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Hey OP!! How are you? Thanksgiving was great, just busy. This is the same release, so save your moola. :) I just wanted to get it back out there for readers. It's been sitting here for a while now. I'd like to move forward with other characters and my schedule is so tight I didn't have time to go back and revise (and lengthen) substantially.

As always, TY so much for checking in. <3