Sunday, May 4, 2014

Alpha Mine Release Date

In the last week I've received multiple inquiries regarding the release date of Alpha Mine. Initially, I tried to respond. Then, without knowing how to respond, I directed readers to Ellora's Cave. For those who have been told to talk to me regarding the release day: Truthfully, I do not know when the book will release.

First and foremost: I apologize for the delay. The book is still in the editing process. When I receive word on the status, I will let you know. After a novel is turned in, the manuscript is in the hands of editors and the publisher. You can email Ellora's Cave but, as I've learned, they will redirect you to me for information. I can only tell you what I know: I have no release date information and no idea of the status on edits. Therefore I can't share a release date.

I am truly sorry. 

In other news: Moon Kissed is available for pre-order. CLICK HERE to redirect to Amazon (the book is on pre-order for all Amazon vendors if you're interested -- I have the UK link on my website). I will update when the book is revealed on the Samhain website. I've returned to the series for a substantial rewrite. The second (still untitled novella) is halfway completed. The third is being written as we speak.

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between releases at Samhain on November 4th (no pre-order yet). 

The Renfield Syndrome will release in February 2015. Future stories (including The Ripple Effect and Edge of Darkness) will release every three to six months.

I'm sorry this is the only information I have. 

I am working on other projects (Desires of the Otherworld, a new UF series, a new YA series, and a new sci-fi erotic romance series I'm very excited about) for self-publication. This is new to me, but I can write at my own pace and, hopefully, release more stories (at a lower cost) per year.

The best way to keep up to date on release/blurb/cover/information is to...

Join my Facebook Author/Fan Page. This is a good venue but, as a warning, I have to pay for "boosts" so readers can see updates. I apologize. This means you might have to check in on the page to see things if I'm not willing to pay money to boost posts.

My Twitter feeds: J.A. SAARE and ALINE HUNTER

Receive my newsletter by emailing jasaare at gmail dot com and asking to be included.

Or continue checking here. When I have solid confirmation on dates and such, I will post.

I'm trying to figure out a new way to communicate with fans. Within the next few months a forum will be established where I can communicate directly with readers. I plan to write vignettes (and share scenes that were cut from previous novels). 

Make Me Surrender is almost complete. The second installment in the Make Me series is much longer (it will be at least 75k words, possibly more).  Edge of Darkness is also underway. I'm revising Crimson Sunrise and have started work on Crimson Sunset. I'll have news on release dates, cover art, snippets, etc, soon. 

In regard to conferences...

I will be in New Orleans for RT in May. However...I didn't realize RT was taking place at the same time I'll be in town. So while you're exploring the area you "might" bump into me. If so, please feel free to say hello! I'd be glad to chat. That being said, I'm not officially taking part in RT. 

I'll update again soon. I'm taking a trip to see my beloved nephew Colton in the morning. He's growing so fast. Here's a picture of our visit today. I'm making a face because I was blowing strawberries to get his attention. He is SO amazingly adorable! 

Happy reading and much love and best wishes to you all! I will update as soon as I receive word on release dates. Newsletters haven't rolled out (yet) as I'd hoped to include the Alpha Mine with my other upcoming releases. 

Spring is in full swing! Bring on the summer!


Jaime Aline


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