Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alpha Mine Release Date

It's official. Alpha Mine releases June 6th at Ellora's Cave. I'm currently wrapping up Make Me Surrender. I'll be back with news on future projects as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy second half of Trey and Sadie's story. It's longer than Vampire Mine (88k words) and, I hope, will answer the questions and please readers who wanted more of the couple.


A mating like no other. 

Trey almost turned his back on his pack to claim Sadie—the stunning vampire who made him whole and crept into his soul. Finally, things have settled. But as an alpha, Trey’s always busy. Thankfully he has a woman who’s more than happy to ease his frustrations, see to his every desire and give him as much of her as he can take. He can’t wait to greet each day with his mate by his side.

Then Shepherds return to New York and start killing off shifters.

Sadie’s powerful enough to protect their people but Trey is determined to keep her safe. Until other dangers arise—ones that could harm humans and immortals alike—and he needs her help when things take a turn for the worst. To destroy their enemies, they’ll have to stand together. Even if it means risking everything, including each other.

A Romantica® erotic paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave.