Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the Love of a Queen by Laura Hogg

War has destroyed four-fifths of the population. Governments have fallen. A former covert agent wanders the wilderness, lending her skills where she can. She is crowned queen for her efforts and meets the warrior who is her match. He’s handsome, courageous, and good-hearted, but at a young age was recruited by the most evil warlord walking the land.

He’s sent in as a spy to bring back the beautiful queen. Shock is in store for him when he meets her. He doesn’t want to bring her back for execution, but if he doesn’t, her people will be slaughtered. For love, he chooses to save those she cherishes.

He watches while she’s taken captive, not lifting his sword in her defense; watches her suffer punishment and in agony can do nothing about it. This queen and her warrior will battle evil, but will the price be their love or their lives?

For The Love of a Queen is a well crafted and unique love story (Laura Hogg has an extraordinary gift with description and detail) centered around a very strong hero and his equally strong heroine in a post apocalyptic future. The attraction between the two is immediate but the romance is sweet, bringing the characters together (and then separating the lovers) over time.

A most enjoyable read. You can purchase For the Love of a Queen at TWRP HERE.