Friday, April 1, 2011

Crimson Sunrise Cover & Excerpt

I received the cover for Crimson Sunrise. There is no release date yet, but I will tell you this: Crimson Sunrise is shorter (80k versus the 95k of the first book, since I learned longer isn't necessarily better), and it's a bit different. I hope those who enjoyed the first book in the trilogy will enjoy the second. The third and final novel, Crimson Sunset, is roughly 20k written and I'm thinking it will top out at around 80-90k words.

How's about a snippet for the weekend? This one is definitely PG-13. So keep those youthful eyes away. It's also ends on a humorous note, which works considering this is April Fool's Day. ;-)

Crimson Sunrise Excerpt:

The bathroom door opened, closed, and Caleb appeared in the reflection of the mirror. He lifted a finger to his mouth, indigo eyes crinkling mischievously, instructing me to remain quiet. I kept brushing, pulling more than half of the heavy length of my hair over my shoulder to remove any remaining tangles with the tips of the bristles.

Caleb walked behind me and wrapped his large arms around my waist. I let my hair fall to my shoulders and reached for his neck to pull him down. His breath was hot on my throat as he pressed a kiss to the rapidly pounding pulse along the vulnerable jugular vein, creating ripples beneath the surface of my skin. I closed my eyes and exhaled, going limp.

“Just one more day.” He breathed the words, bringing his lips to my ear while increasing his grip, holding me aloft.

“One more day,” I murmured in agreement. Dropping the brush onto the counter, I watched as it slid noisily into the sink.

He turned me in his arms, plush lips coming down hard and demanding against mine. I reached under his arms, fingers plunging into his back, nails scoring the cotton T-shirt protecting his skin. His lips parted and I ran my tongue along the lower one, teasing the seam of his mouth. He growled, pulling me snug against him, and pressed his hips firmly against my belly.

Our tongues touched, pulled apart, and began circling. His hands were rough as he lifted me by that fleshy piece of leg, hip, and thigh. I wrapped my hands around his neck, using my arms to pull myself up. My legs snaked around his waist, ankles locking together just behind his back. He used his free hand to pull my face closer, tender fingers wrapping into the hair at my nape.

When he pulled away he skimmed his lips across my cheek, the stubbly bristles on his face chafing the skin slightly. He kissed my ear, licking at the sensitive outer shell, and blew a steady stream of warm air inside. I gasped as goose bumps bristled below my skin and heat spread throughout my body. The scents of forest and earth filled my nose, causing my muscles to quake and my body to tremble.

I ground my hips against his pelvis wantonly, the familiar wet heat developing between my legs making me crazed. His groan was muffled by my mouth as his hands eagerly guided me lower, then lower, until his very obvious erection pressed against the sensitive bead at the top of my hammering sex...

“Who’s in there?” Derek pounded on the door, making it shake.

Caleb didn’t let go, growling, “Go upstairs, Derek!”

“Unless you two are in the middle of something, and by something I mean in the middle of hot sex,” Derek snapped. “Then you’d better let me in. Sammie’s upstairs and I’ve got to take a shit.”

You've got to love Derek, right? Have a fantastic weekend!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Congrats! It's a lovely cover. I love the colours. Very pretty. :)

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Yolanda ;-) Thank you! I like the colors as well. Have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

oreoparris said...

Love the cover! I am a HUGE fan of the first book and have been eagerly awaiting word about Crimson Sunrise. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Caleb, Emma, and the rest of gang!!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Oreo (I hope you don't mind me calling you that lol). ;-) I hope you like this one. I tried not to be so descriptive and cause the story to drag. I really enjoy these characters. It's going to be hard to say good-bye when I wrap things up.

Michelle R said...

You are killing me. I'm waiting for all your books to come out (including a follow up to your Eternity and a Day). Btw, the cover is really pretty. I like this one!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Michelle!!

I hope you like the book. ;-) I'm hoping for a release date soon. As for Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon (second in the Otherworld series) it's kinda a prequel and shorter (52k words, I believe). I've subbed it, so I'm waiting for word. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed writing it (the world build is less intense, which was nice).

Hope you are doing well!