Monday, October 31, 2011

A Final Update Before Going Dark

So the time has finally come. One more day and I'm turning off my social networks. I am having the lovely Dina James by on Monday but other than that I'm outta here. If I get a release date or other news, I'll pass it along. Otherwise I'm updating my websites, getting things in order, and preparing for the long month ahead. With that being said, I did want to let everyone know a little something about my plans before I unplug.

First: I am not "officially" taking part in NANO (National Novel Writing Month). I'm not signing up on the Nanowrimo site, I'm not adding friends, and I'm not keeping track of the progress of others. Last year was the same. I place too much pressure on myself as it is. If I start worrying my word count is less than this or that person, I'll drive myself insane. Therefore I use NANO as a reason to get my arse in gear and push myself to get 'er done. My goal is to write 5k words per day (or 25k per week -- I'll be working weekends if I don't reach my daily goals to make sure this happens) and wrap up Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega Shifters, Book Two) and the full length follow-up to my Ellora's Cave Quickie, No Strings.  If I reach this goal prior to the end of November, I'll be focusing all of my attention on The Ripple Effect.

I know, I know! I can hear the emails now:

Why aren't you writing The Ripple Effect first? Are you off in the head? Don't you know people wanted the third book yesterday? We have to know what happens to Rhiannon, Disco, and Paine! What's the hold up?

Well...truthfully...I'm the hold up.

Wait, don't go! I can explain.

Writing The Renfield Syndrome wasn't fun -- AT ALL. Cleaning toilets in public restrooms probably would have been more pleasant. I worked myself up over that book, in ways that most people wouldn't and couldn't possibly understand.

I lost sleep.

I drove my husband and crit partners nuts.

I agonized over the same things over and over again.

I wrote, erased, wrote, erased....and ended up in the same spot I started.

Despite sitting in front of the PC for hours I COULD NOT WRITE that fucking book. I saw everything. I KNEW what was going to happen. But I couldn't get it out. It was constipation of the brain, as if the the central command center was in working order but the plumbing beneath was clogged. You know, it felt kind of like this...

It wasn't writer's block; it was self-doubt. I couldn't do what I once loved, because I was no longer writing for me -- I was writing for everyone else. This does not for a happy writer make.

While I'm thrilled readers enjoy the Rhiannon's Law series, I really need to unwind a bit, let the next book settle in my head, and then I'll return to it. I've already started the process of revising, which must be done completely before I can start wrapping up the book. Due to this I will resume work on The Ripple Effect in December. I realize now that I've been neglecting my writing by revising the manuscript like crazy in an effort to make the third book "even better" than the first two. I can't keep doing that. There is a reason there was such an enormous length of time between the release of Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between and The Renfield Syndrome. If I want a Summer release for The Ripple Effect, I've gotta shake those inner demons.

The button below sums up everything nicely, I think. I've even printed it out and posted it on my cork board -- for clarity and all that.

So fear not, awesome people. I will return. And when I do I hope to have completed manuscripts in my possession. I've got a lot of stories to share and they won't write themselves. The Ripple Effect is on that list, and it is a priority. I just want to prepare myself for the dark places I'm about to take my favorite character. Despite what you might think, Rhiannon has been through a walk in the park. Something bigger, badder, and more dangerous than anything she's ever faced is about to hit town. Too bad the dumbass I'm talking about doesn't know our girl.

It's going to be bitchin'.

I'll see you on Monday when Dina visits. I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween with your loved ones.

Peace Out!


Kaye Manro said...

Good luck with it all J. I've just returned and I plan to stay on only to visit around a bit so I can also write. (As with most life can suck the life out of us preventing writing)

Anyway I hope you write many thousands of words!

See ya soon.


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Thanks Kaye! I'm wishing you a high word count and a loud and enthusiastic muse as well. :)

Sharon said...

Best of luck with everything :) see you on the other side!

Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

The absolute best wishes for you as you "get to gettin' " on whatever you need for yourself. A happy Jaime is a great Jaime, before anything else. ^_^

Scott Romanski said...

Jaime...i hope the words flow easily, and the edits are quick. For the next month you shall be missed dearly. *HUGS* Much Love, sweetie

MamaKitty said...

You know I'll miss having you around, but I understand the reasoning for your going offline. To be honest, I've basically done the same thing (mostly) as well, though for different reasons (school).

I'm (selfishly, heh) hoping that all goes well with the writing. Also hoping that things are going well with the family. xoxo

MamaKitty said...

PS: you just had to use the Hoff, didn't you?

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