Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vampire Mine Cover and Blurb

Hiya everyone! Long time no update. I apologize. Things have been rather chaotic the last few months. I've recently sold seven books to Ellora's Cave (four more in the Alpha and Omega series and two more in the Wolf's Den series) so I'll be offline to get writing done. However, I do have a bit of news. Vampire Mine is finished and in the hands of my editor. As soon as edits are done I'll have a release date. I'll share that information as I receive it.

Currently I'm writing Changed (book two in the Wolf's Den series) and Make Me Surrender (book two in the Just Make Me series). Afterward I'll be working on Twisted in Knots and (hopefully) Edge of Darkness (Rhiannon's Law book four) and Crimson Sunset (final book in the Crimson Trilogy). My goal is to get back on a schedule since the kids are home for summer and can help out around the house. Since I'm contracted with Ellora's Cave I'll be focusing on those stories first. That being said I have deadlines so if I can finish prior to turn-in date I'll have spare time to work on other things.

Here's the blurb for Vampire Mine. As always thank you for the continued support. I hope you are all doing well and that you enjoy the summer!

Vampire Mine Blurb:

A bond as endless as time. Their forbidden union sealed in blood. 

 As the Alpha of New York, Trey Veznor placed the needs of his pack above everything—until the mate he’s waited centuries for waltzed into his life and gave him a taste of what he’d been missing. Sadie Dumus, seductive, beautiful and utterly captivating, is also something shifters avoid at all costs—a vampire. Stunned to learn of her nature, Trey turned his back on the only woman who could complete him.

Now, realizing he’s thrown away the one thing he can’t live without, Trey hunts Sadie down and defies tradition. Their sexual hunger is undeniable, with each sizzling encounter bringing them closer together. Sadie tries to resist but he refuses to allow it, using desire and her need for his blood to keep her close. With danger closing in, it’s necessary to announce his mating before the pack. To keep his female, he’s willing to lose everything he’s ever known.


oreoparris said...

Yay!!! Thanks for the update :-) I am looking forward to all of the releases but am super excited about Vampire Mine (can't wait) and of course Crimson Sunset!

Happy writing and hope you have a great summer too!!!

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Hey OP! I will of course try to write those as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy this one. :) TY so much!


Vanessa said...

Hooray! I LOVED Omega Mine and Enemy Mine, and I've truly enjoyed all of your other works. In fact, it has become tradition for me to check Amazon every week with hopes that I'll see something new from you (or at least word of when something is coming out). So, you can imagine my delight at reading your post. :) I look forward to your future works, and I hope you have a wonderful summer as well!