Friday, April 30, 2021

Rhiannon is back in two weeks? EEK!

Howdy everyone. 

I just realized it's two weeks until Edge of Darkness releases. YIKES! 

The edits and formatting are done and sent in. I'm nervous as all hell (ask my family), but I hope you enjoy this installment in the series. The world gets bigger (and you learn new things). The book is Rhiannon/Disco heavy. They've endured a lot and this story revolves around their grief, losses, and the way it's changed them. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse I decided to write it when I did. 

I'll have links for print up (hopefully) before launch. I'm still new to things but am working to have both versions for everyone (so you can have which you like). 

Thank you so damned much for the support. You have no idea what it means to me. 

There will also be contests of some sort on Facebook. 

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Have a great weekend! 


Oh no. Oh shit. 

"What?" Bane questioned. "Tell me." I got hold of myself and met Bane's level gaze. 

"She warned me." I didn't dare look away. He'd already glimpsed portions of what he wanted to know. "I was so angry at the time, I didn't care. I was only worried about killing those who'd wronged me and the people I wanted to save. I only thought about getting what I wanted." 

His gaze drifted from mine, and I understood what he wanted me to figure out on my own. I'd mucked something up along the way. Not the fallen angel I'd made a deal with. He'd been kind enough to let me sort through the mess myself and come to an important realization. That's why he'd handed me the knife and told me to take a real look at myself. He'd expected me to find what I should have after the first attack. To be fair, except for my eyes, the changes weren't all that significant. They could be written off as something else. 

That's why I'd mistaken them. 

The fallen angel crafted the bargain for self-preservation. She hadn't meant for me to return her to her true form. She didn't expect me to find her remains. Why would she? I'd proven myself unworthy. I'd disregarded our initial bargain, gave her an ultimatum, and had given her no reason to trust me. As such, she didn't owe me shit until I fulfilled the terms of our agreement. 

She'd set a trap, and I'd walked right into it. In all honesty, it was a lure of my own making. That's why my eyes had taken on an irrevocable shift. It was also why my skin had turned youthful, and the lines in my face were vanishing. 

The consumption of Disco's blood wasn't the issue. 

This was something else entirely. 

The fallen angel didn't need my assistance. Not anymore. 

She could revive herself on her own. She just needed to get out of Hell first. 

She'd found access to a body that allowed it. 

One she'd done everything to preserve and protect.