Sunday, July 18, 2021

Make Me Stay

Make Me Stay releases on July 30th. I hope you enjoy Kamden and Everly's story. Below are purchase links, blurb, and an excerpt (as well as links to my author group where exclusive content and contests are shared). 

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Believe in second chances. 

After his heart was broken by his first love, Kamden Stone avoided romantic entanglements. He lives in the moment, taking partners who understand his desires and know things will end after one encounter. He's comfortable with the life he's carved out for himself, refusing to need anyone or anything until a young woman he can't stop thinking about changes the game. 

Everly Mason moved to escape toxic family ties. All she wants is a fresh start and a new life. The house left to her is the perfect place to fall, isolated and in the middle of nowhere, providing plenty of work to keep her occupied. She's on the right path, taking things one day at a time, when she's introduced to a mysterious man who turns her life upside down. 

Despite everything, Kamden and Everly can't deny their chemistry. When they agree to a trial period, curious to see where things will go between them, they discover they need each other in a way they never thought possible. When the time comes, they'll have to accept what they want and need. To be together, they both have to find a reason to make them stay. 

Make Me Stay Excerpt

"Don't get any ideas." His gaze darted to her, a hidden warning within his eyes. He'd told her he was possessive, and she was looking right at it. "He's taken." 

She couldn't help herself, pushing him again. "What about you?" 

"When I said you are going to rest, I meant it. If you don't watch yourself," he warned, prowling over to her, "I'm going to yank you out of that chair and bust your ass." 

"You wouldn't dare." 

He snagged one of her braids, wrapped it around his hand, and lowered his head until they were eye level. His eyes had darkened, the lust in his expression shutting her up. He leaned closer, leaving a few inches between them. "Not only do I mean it, I'll get you so turned on you'll be squirming in my lap and begging to come, but I won't let you. I'll work you up, get you soaked, and make you go to bed needy and wet." 

He made sure they were staring right at each other, giving her hair a tug. "You going to be good? Or do you want to see if I'm as good as my word?" 

Sweet baby J. "You'd do that to me?" 

"Only one way to find out." 

No way she was risking it. "I'll be good." 

"That's my girl." He gave her a chaste kiss, released her hair, and stepped back. "I'm going to call Bray, then I'll take care of work. I suggest you close those eyes and let the ice and medicine work." 

Or else he'll work me up and leave me needy and wet. 


She did as he said, leaning back and closing her eyes. Even when he stroked her head, she didn't move, open her mouth, or look at him. He was too tempting, and she didn't want to see if he meant what he said. If he cranked things up another notch, she'd lose her mind.


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